Abisko national park
Ridonjira rinner från fjäll med grön vegetation.

Tips for tours that take an hour

For those who want to take an hour long tour can Ridonjira or Tornetrask beach be good targets.

About the activity


Follow the trail towards the Kårsavagge valley. Five hundred metres from the bridge, the Ridonjira river’s new course flows. The old one was by the now treeless corridor 100 m farther away. This clear mark in the terrain is the result of a natural catastrophe in 1982. That year a slush avalanche cascaded from the edge of the mountain, taking with it trees, gravel and rocks. On the avalanche cone a peculiar mixture of plants now grows – everything from colt’s-foot to rock speedwell. Many birds thrive in the surrounding meadow birch forest, including bramblings, garden warblers and redwings.

Torneträsk beach

Follow some of the paths down to Torneträsk. In the surrounding heath birch forest, there are birds such as the yellow wagtail and bluethroat, the “alpine nightingale”.


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