Abisko national park
En vuxen och ett barn i röda kläder sitter i linbanan på väg upp till fjället.

Tips for tours that take two hours

For those wanting a two-hour tour, a hike along the Njakajaure nature trail or a trip on the cableway can be good choices.

About the activity

Marble quarry and Njakajaure nature path

Follow Kungsleden (the King’s Trail) 2 km to the marble quarry. The yellowish-white rock is made up of dolomite limestone. The first meditation place on the Pilgrim trail is up here. Up on the cliff you continue to the left on the Njakajaure nature path. The path, marked with yellow flowers, goes through varying types of nature. Divers nest in Njakajaure lake and Arctic terns often skim above the surface of the water. Around the lake there are occasional stands of pine. The path back toward Abisko at times crosses open alpine heaths with continuous ground frost, permafrost. On these heaths Lapland rosebay, mountain avens and orchids grow. Naturally, you can choose to go around the path in the other direction.

The cableway

The cableway quickly conveys you up onto the bare mountain region above the tree line. During the trip you can study changes in the vegetation and the various birds from above. Around the top station, many alpine plants grow. The top station offers warmth and coffee inside. Take advantage of the chance to enjoy the view. If you want to continue up to the summit of Mount Njullá, the walk takes about 1 hour.


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