Abisko national park
En flock renar. Fjälltopp i bakgrunden.


Predators such as bears, wolverines and lynx are present in the national park. They are difficult to spot, but during the winter, you can find their tracks.

In winter you also can see elk. It is easy for them to find fodder in Abisko since the snow cover is not as deep here. Reindeer can be found in the area most of the year.

You can see golden eagles, white-tailed eagles, rough-legged buzzards and gerfalcons hunting above the mountain. In some years the rare Arctic leaf warbler has been seen on the slopes of Mount Njullá. You will find redpolls, willow warblers, bluethroats and bramblings in the birch forest and osieries and golden plovers and dotterels in the alpine heaths. Wading birds thrive in the marshlands and red-throated divers in the small tarns. The bird-rich delta where Abiskojåkka empties into Torneträsk is a bird sanctuary during parts of the year.