Abisko national park
Ett fjäll med höstfärger som speglar sig i en sjö.

Norrbotten's Outdoor map

Now you can download an app with information about Kungsleden (the King's Trail), the West Trail up to Kebnekaise and Norrbotten's eight National Parks and 411 nature reserves. In the app Norrbottens Naturkarta (Norrbotten's Outdoor map), you get tips for your hike in the Swedish mountains. You can also download it offline and have it available when you are without mobile coverage.

The app is  available in Swedish and English. It  contains informaton about all the state managed trails in northern Sweden (Norrbotten county) and all the nature reserves and national parks. On the map, you can find your nearest trail or place to visit from the position you are at. Please remember that the app only works as long as your phone is working and has battery power.