Abisko national park
Toppstationen i Abisko, trähus med uteterass.


Here, you will find everything you need to know before your visit to Abisko National Park. When it is best to visit the park, how to get there and the rules you will need to follow once you are there.

Abisko National Park is the starting point for Kungsleden (the King’s Trail), which takes hikers southwards through the national park and then all the way to Hemavan. Travel here is feasible in both summer and winter.

Norrbottens Naturkarta

If you are visiting Norrbotten to experience the outdoors, we recommend you to download the mobile phone application "Norrbottens Naturkarta" (Norrbotten´s Outdoor map). It is free and available for both iPhone and Android. Here, you find a lot of information about Kungsleden (the King´s Trail), other state trails, National Parks and nature reserves of Norrbotten County in Swedish Lapland. You can download the app so that you can use it also when there is no coverage for your mobile phone. In the app there is a map that shows all the trail and through the phone´s gps you can see where you are.