Färnebofjärden National Park
En barnfamilj fikar vid rastbord utanför naturum.

Have coffee or a picnic in the park

In Gysinge you can eat lunch and have coffee at Café Udden, located in a beautiful spot right next to the Dalälven river with the Gysinge rapids and Naturum as next-door neighbours.

About the activity

For those who want to shop for their own food, there is Gysinge Brukshandel (+46 (0)291-210 75, groceries, kiosk products, gift items and more).

There also are ICA shops and/or Coop and Tempo in Österfärnbo, Hedesunda, Tärnsjö and Östervåla.


All Year


You are allowed to build a fire only in designated fireplaces in the park. Do not use sticks and twigs from the ground; use the firewood that is adjacent to the fireplace.