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Fulufjället National Park
En träskylt med pilar i olika riktningar som står i ett stenigt fjällandskap.


About 45,000 people visit the park annually.

About the activity

Njupeskär entrance

The park’s main entrance with information boards, naturum, café, rest cabin Björbäckstugan and WCs. A two-kilometre hike to the Njupeskär waterfall, the park’s most popular attraction. "Ugglan" is situated on a hill before you get to the Njupeskär entrance. Affords an excellent view of the national park and the Njupeskär canyon. Displays, rest area.

Gördal entrance

Starting point for snowmobile trails and hiking trails towards Drevfjällen, Lillådalen and Fulufjället. The poststigen route towards Särna begins here, and the southern Kungsleden (King’s Trail) passes this point. Small community with café, restaurant and snowmobile rentals.

Göljå entrance

Starting point for the Göljåleden trail. Observation tower. Rest cabin Göljåstugan 5km from the entrance.

Morbäckssäter entrance

Rest cabin. Two-kilometre walk to Tangå cabin with sleeping accommodations.

Björnholm entrance

One-kilometre walk to Björnholm cabin with sleeping accommodations. Emergency telephone. The southern Kungsleden (King’s Trail) passes this point.


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