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Fulufjället National Park
En vandringsstig genom klargrön granskog.

Hiking trails

The trail system in Fulufjället National Park is well-developed, with 140 km of marked trails and fifteen cabins for overnight stays or resting.

About the activity

Download our hiking map as pdf here or send an e-mail to naturum and we will send you the map.


3,9 km. The trail is gravelled, has boardwalks and is easy to hike. Nature path with information boards. Enchanting nature along the Njupå river valley, with 400-year-old spruce trees.

Parts of the trail is accessible with wheelchair, please ask the staff at naturum visitor center - we're happy to point out accessible routes on a map.

The trail to Njupeskär waterfall is a summer trail and can be very slippery in the winter. We do NOT recommend you to go down in to the Njupeskär canyon, since there is a great risk of falling ice, rocks and avalanches.

Fallet Runt

 5.5 km. A longer version of the Njupeskär loop, which passes a bit above the falls and then back towards the main entrance. In addition, the trail goes up a steep slope that to many seems like a climb. The hiking above the falls in boulder-strewn terrain is challenging.

Around Rösjön

9 km. Start by walking towards the waterfall. By Njupeskär cabin, take a right up on the mountain. You are now facing a steep climb up the mountain side. In the next crossing, follow signs towards Lorthån. In the crossing after that, follow signs for Rösjön. Then take the trail back to the parking lot.

Southern Kungsleden

The trail starts at Högfjällshotellet in Sälen, passes through the entire national park and then continues towards the border with Jämtland in the north. Read more about the trail here.


17 km. Starts at the Göljån car park. The path goes through the Göljån valley, up on the bare mountain heights. There are two rest hostel on the way. There is also a shorter nature path around the area hit by a catastrophic thunderstorm. The trails might be hard to walk, especially after a heavy rain. There are a lot of dead trees in the area, which might fall in case of heavy winds.


22.5 km. Starts at the Brottbäck cabin car park. Easy ascent towards the bare mountain heights. Passes Särnsjö lakes and Tangsjö lakes. Cabin with sleeping accommodations and rest hostel. Detour to the Altar Ring, 4 km.


15 km. Departs from main entrance. Passes Njupeskär waterfall and continues up towards the bare mountain heights. There are cabins at the Harrsjö and Rösjö lakes. Detour towards Lorthån, 5 km.


12 km through the park. Starts at Gördalen. Old cultural route marked with blazes on the trees. The route was used for postal service between Särna and Gördalen up until the 1920s.


June to September


The weather can change rapidly, be prepared for cold and rain or even snow. Fulufjället is a rocky mountain, wear proper shoes or boots.


You can drink water from the streams on the mountain.