Fulufjället National Park
Ett forsande vattenfall, till vänster går människor på en gångbro i trä.

Njupeskär - Sweden's highest waterfall

Sweden’s highest waterfall: 93 metres high with a free fall of 70 metres. The hiking trail is fairly easy, but not suitable for strollers or wheel chairs.

About the activity

The sound of great volumes of water crashing down is almost deafening, and the falling water creates a thick fog that is beneficial for a large number of unusual mosses and lichens along the precipices. It is easy to walk to Njupeskär when there is no snow on the ground, and all you need is ordinary shoes.

Food service

At the main entrance, there is a café and lunch facility. For larger groups the menu can be adapted. For example, game dishes or other choices can be ordered to suit your wishes. A boxed lunch to take with you on a tour can also be ordered. Orders should be placed no later that 1 week in advance by telephone. Note: Open only during the summer, June - September.
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