Fulufjället National Park
Ett forsande vattenfall, till vänster går människor på en gångbro i trä.


The main entrance and its facilities are accessible by the disabled. The Lavskrikeleden, which begins at the Naturum, is an accessible roundabout for both strollers and wheelchairs. The loop is about 2 km long and consists of packed gravel and wooden pails.

Parts of Njupeskärsleden towards the waterfall have also been made available up to Njupeskärsstugan. Here you have a nice view of the waterfall, but the trail is not available all the way up to the waterfall.

The first part of Lavskrikeleden, until the resting place at Gammelfjälloken, goes on a flat ground. The remaining part of the available sections is partially steep, and a companion may be needed for those who take you with a wheelchair.

The loops that start at every entrance are marked with directional signs and trail markings, and there are boardwalks over the wettest sections as well as bridges across the widest mountain brooks.

Ask the staff at naturum for more information about the trails, especially if you are elder, disabled or have small children. We can help you find the best way to enjoy the mountain!