Fulufjället National Park
Panoramafönster och interiör från naturum Fulufjället.

Visitor center naturum Fulufjället

naturum Fulufjället visitor centre is at the park’s main entrance. This is where you can get hiking tips; look at exhibits about Fulufjället; take part in various activities, talks and guided tours; watch nature films; observe small creeping creatures; feel an elk antler; try to identify excrement; and much, much more...

Fulufjället National Park is ALWAYS open. Here you will find the opening hours and program för our visitor center naturum Fulufjället.

The restaurant, Njupeskärserveringen is only open June - September from 10 to 18

Opening hours 2020

Naturum is closed, to prevent the spreading of Covid-19.
We will open again 1 June

SUMMER                                 1 June - 4 Oct 10-17 
AUTUMN                                 31 Oct - 8 Nov 10-16

CHRISTMAS                            27-30 Dec 11-15


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