Fulufjället National Park
Träspång över myrlandskap.

When you should visit the park

Fulufjället National Park has something to offer year-round.


In July-August the lakes can be warm enough for a pleasant swim. And some days around midsummer, early in the morning, the Njupeskär waterfall is completely illuminated by the sun. Summer is also the best time to look for wildlife. In the evening you can see both beaver and elk if you are quiet.


The mountain is striking with its radiant autumn colours. Most visitors come in summer or winter, so now the silence and tranquillity are an experience in itself. In the middle - end of September is when the autumn colours are at its peak. Beware that we can get snow in the beginning of October, so don't plan your hike too late.


Ski, go snowshoe hiking or take a snowmobile along a marked winter trail. Enjoy the sun and hot chocolate in the snow or try jig fishing on Rösjö lake. And now Njupeskär rests behind an enormous veil of ice ¬- very inviting for ice climbers. We have snow well in to May. April is a fantastic time on the mountain! December, January and February can be very cold.


Spring is short on Fulufjället. The snow remains for a long time in May. But now the light comes back in earnest, and the mountain brooks and bird life come alive. Enjoy lazy days on a reindeer hide blanket on a warm and sunny, snow-covered slope. In May the snow and ice melts, turning small streams into rapid rivers. If you wish to hike, wait until the middle of June. Most of the snow will be gone and it might not be so wet in the grounds.