Gotska Sandön national park
Vandringsled, Gotska Sandön nationalpark.


From Fyrbyn/camping ground, pleasant roads run out across Gotska Sandön.

About the activity

Paths in the forest are easy to walk. The roads inside the coastal dune are more difficult to traverse because they consist of loose sand. Often there is a faster path next to the road inside the coastal dune.

Gamla Gården-Kyrkogården-Sankt Anna

You go through Kapellänget and take the road south. Take advantage of the chance to stop at Kapellänget and watch the bird life around the pond south of the chapel. After 1.5 km you can choose to turn off to the right on Ekman’s highway, which passes through the old national park, or to continue straight ahead.

The roads meet again after almost a couple of kilometres. It is six kilometres from Fyrbyn to Gamla Gården. There Sandö residents lived from 1783 until the lighthouse was inaugurated in 1859. The notorious Petter Gottberg lived here with his family during the first half of the 19th century.

Almost one kilometre south of Gamla Gården lies the churchyard that began operation in the 19th century and is still used. A bit farther south is Hamnudden and Sankt Anna Udde. Located between the points are Bourgström’s hunting cabin and boathouse, and just east of this you will find Nyman’s cabins, where there is a pump with good drinking water.


Between Bourgström’s hunting cabin and Tärnudden, Högalandsvägen runs up in the forest. In a couple of places the road peeps out towards the edge and you can see the sea. Lighthouse keeper Julius Bourgström has his mausoleum here. A bit farther away stands an old oak that appears to be covered with sand up to the base of the crown. Along the road there are old burial cairns constructed of grey stone.


If you go from Lägerplatsen to Kapellänget and take a left right after the chapel, you will come to Tärnuddsvägen. It is a long hike, 9 km. After slightly more than 2.5 km, you reach Schipkapasset, which cuts through the Höga Åsen ridge. Take the time to go up on the ridge. The elevation above sea level here is more than 40 metres.

At Tärnudden you can continue eastward and come to Franska Bukten, which is one of the island’s finest and most secluded beaches. Beyond Franska Bukten are the Russian churchyard and Russian cannons, which serve as a reminder of when the ship Wsadnik ran aground in 1864.

Las Palmas – Säludden

The best way to get to Las Palmas and Säludden is via Österbovägen. The road begins in the eastern part of Fyrbyn. The distance to Las Palmas is about 4.5 km and to Säludden almost two kilometres more. Here and there you can see pine trees with fire damage from old forest fires.

At Säludden there is a hideaway that you can get to by a footbridge. If you are lucky, the winds will be calm or southerly and the seals might then be lying on rocks beyond the point. It is also a good place to get close to shorebirds such as Eurasian oystercatchers and ringed plovers as well as seabirds such as shelducks, mallards, eider ducks, velvet scooters and Arctic terns.


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