Muddus / Muttos national park
Flygfoto över Muddus vandringsvägar.

About Muddus/Muottos national park

Today the old forests and excellent lichen grounds are a refuge for the Sami’s reindeer and wildlife that is typical for Norrland’s nature.

An excellent hiking trail makes it easy to explore large parts of the national park. There also are paths that follow ancient migratory routes, passing by five cabins with sleeping accommodations that are open year-round.

In the national park you can also see remnants of settlements that were here about 100 years ago.

In the south the national park slopes down towards the Luleälven river and the elevation drops by 200 metres in just 10 kilometres. The Muttosädno river conveys water away from the large marshes via the renowned Muttos waterfall. Farther to the east is Måskosgårsså, a box canyon that looks like a notch in the middle of nature.