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Sarek National Park
Flygfoto över rahpaadno deltat i Sarek Nationalpark. Det finns gröna buskområden och vattnet är bitvis väldigt vitt. Ser ut som att det kan vara fruset.

Plant life

On the barren mountains and the rocky grounds at high elevations, not much grows. However, lichens, mosses, dwarf willows and a small amount of grass and other plants do get along well in the high alpine parts of the Sarek mountains.

In the sections of the Ráhpavuobme valley that have run wild, it is hard for a hiker to make headway. Within the mountain birch forests lie beautiful meadows with tall globeflowers, wolf's-bane, crane's-bill and red campion.

The Sami have used many of the plants for both food and medicine. Examples are juobmu (sorrel) and båskkå (garden angelica).