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Söderåsen National Park
Man ser framsidan på naturumhuset med sin röda fasad. Själva entrén består av mycket glas och brunmålat trä. Det är en kullerstenslagd plan framför entrén. Man skymtar vatten mellan trädstammarna som står till vänster om huset.

Guided exhibition in the Visitor Centre

You can get a free mini guide of the exhibition in the Visitor Centre every hour, on the hour.

About the activity

What is so special about Söderåsens National Park? And what experiences might its nature have in store for you today?

Come talk to us at the information desk and we will give you a guided tour of the exhibition. It is a good introduction to the park.

You can also book a guided tour beforehand if you like. Click the link below to send an e-mail to the visitor centre for more information and to book a tour, or phone +46 (0)435 44 21 20.


All Year