Söderåsen National Park
Närbild av tre sågsvanar som simmar på sjön. Bakom ser man spången som går längsmed sjön. Träden har höstfärger.


Here, you will find everything you need to know before your visit to Söderåsen National Park. When it is best to visit, how to get here and the rules you will need to follow once you have arrived in the national park.

Do you prefer comfort or adventure? In Naturum there are restaurants and WCs with running water; out in the national park, there are BBQ sites and basic rest hostels.

Fire hazard - the following applies for the national park.

We conform to the Rescue services NW Skåne with regards to fire hazard levels in the national park. If any of the municipalities of Söderåsen (Bjuv, Klippan, Svalöv or Åstorp) indicate a fire ban - the fire ban will also apply for the national park. 
If the level is 4, 5 or 5E - wood, saws and axes will be removed from our rest areas.

Please Note that during a long, dry summer our wells might run dry or not fill up as quickly. Please take only as much water as you will use for the moment. Thank you.