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Söderåsen National Park
Solen lyser på en glänta i skogen där växer grupper av Strutbräken.

Safety and rules

Through information, we hope to promote understanding and respect for the rules that protect nature and the value of visits.

Remember that the Right of Public Access is limited in the national park! Special regulations apply; read them here.

It's forbidden to:

  • fish in any waterway other than Odensjön
  • dig up plants or gather moss, lichens or fungi that live on wood
  • climb in trees with nests, gather insects or in any other way consciously disturb or damage wildlife
  • break twigs, fell trees or in any other way damage living or dead trees and shrubs or pick dead twigs & branches or gather other dead wood
  • pitch a tent or build a fire anywhere except in designated places
  • fly over the area at a height of less then 300 metres above the ground
  • land or take off with aircraft
  • operate a motor vehicle anywhere except on designated roads
  • park anywhere except in designated parking areas and set up or park a caravan or something similar (such as a motorhome) except during daytime in designated parking areas
  • erect signs, boards or other markings in the landscape
  • ride horses or bicycle anywhere except on designated roads and paths
  • climb rocks
  • bring a dog into the national park except on a leash
  • arrange contests or animal shows or carry on dog training anywhere except in designated places in Nackarpsdalen
  • use a radio or tape/CD player in a manner that disturbs others.