Store Mosse national park
Flygplansfoto över entrén till naturum.


About the activity

Main entrance

N 6351304, E 435471

Located along road 151, 2 kilometres east of the roundabout in Hillerstorp, where road 151 and 152 intersect.

Here you will find naturum visitor centre,and a large bird watching tower, BBQ site and parking. The  trail Wibecksleden, is 600 metres long one way, and  is adapted for wheelchairs, and vision impaired. There is a railing along the entire trail as well as benches on which to rest.

Östra Rockne

N 6349876,76, E 437051,71

Located two kilometres from the main entrance along road 151 towards Värnamo. The trail Svartgölsleden begins here. It is adapted for wheelchairs all the way to Lake Svartgölen situated 500 metres out on the raised bog where a platform with benches and tables is waiting for you. The distance is 1,850 metres, and you take the same route back. A total of 3,700 metres.

Kittlakull bridge

N 6349871,72, E 435485,47

The walk bridge over the railway line is located along the old road between the main entrance and Östra Rockne. The trail Lilla Lövö runt begins here, as well as the trail heading south towards Lövö and Björnekullakärret fen by Andersberg.

Kävsjö church

N 6352836,67, E 435013,26

There is an entrance and small car park next to the church. From here goes a trail that joins the trail Kävsjön runt.


N 6353160,44, E 438287,77

An old farm that was inhabited into the 1950s. Now livestock grazes in the area to keep the land open. There is a rest hut that is always open. Compost toilets and fresh drinking water. The main building is used as a STF hostel.

Häradsö, Hagen

N 6352305, E 440439

Start of Strandstigen, a trail that follows the old shore of Lake Häradsösjön to a platform with a view of the receded lake with its bird life.


N 6348704,28, E 437051,71

From the car park  to the bird observation tower by the receded Lake Horsjön  is about 200 metres. From the tower you can often see both moose and cranes.


N 6342332,45, E 435684,01

Here is a steep trail to an outlook over the southern part of Store Mosse.


N 6342312, E435691

From the car park a trail leads to the fen Björnekullakärret and further on towards Lövö and Kittlakull.


N 6347004,04, E 432314,85

An old croft in the southern part of Store Mosse. Cattle graze here in the summer, and there is a rest hut that is always open. Compost toilets and fresh drinking water. two fire places. The house is used as an STF Hostel.

High Chaparral

N 6347338, E430015

At the Mexican village you will find signs for the trail Regnöleden that takes you about 300 metres to the edge of the bog to a platform with a view,and picnic tables. The trail is adapted for wheelchairs. This trail is only accessible when High Chaparral theme park is open.


All Year