Tiveden national park

Forest fire

In the early morning hours on august 2nd a fire was discovered south of the Main Entrance in Tivedens National Park. Fire and rescue services could contain the fire and had it extinguished later the same day. Roads were temporarily closed during this effort. None of the trails within the National Park were affected by the fire. The fire covered approximately 3 hectares of land.

Rolf Wedding, biologist at the County Administrative Board in Örebro County, visited the area the day after the fire. The fire area is 150 meters south of the Main Entrance in a pine dominated area. With its thick bark most pine trees are expected to survive the fire whereas spruce trees are more fire susceptible. Dead wood created by the fire will attract insects and birds and will benefit the National Parks long term conservation values.        

The fire area is displayed in orange color in the map below ("brandområde"="fire area", "huvudentrén"="main entrance")