Tiveden national park

New marks along the trails

Now we have started to put up new marks along the trails in Tiveden National Park. Each trail/turn will get a unique color symbol to make it easier for you to find your way around.

There are over 30 kilometers of both old and new trails that will get new marks. The work will continue during the winter and a large part of 2016. You are welcome to visit the park as usual, but keep in mind that you will find both old and new marks on the trails you walk.

The picture above shows the purple markings on the trail of Trehörningsrundan, one of the new trails within the forthcoming enlargement of the park. Trehörningsrundan expands over almost ten kilometers, around the lake Stora Trehörningen.

When each distinct trail/turn is finished, you will find its map under Documents and maps.