Tiveden national park

Rebuilding of the main entrance

Now the rebuilding of the main entrance has started. The new buildings will be ready by summer. While the construction is in progress, part of the parking lot is closed-off.

Now it's full speed ahead on construction in Tiveden National Park! The private company “Bygghyttan i Karlsborg AB” has begun to lay the foundation for the new information building, which will be situated between the parking lot and information site. The new buildings at the main entrance will be completed by summer 2016, if we keep to the timetable.

During construction, there will be reduced accessibility to facilities at the main entrance and part of the parking is closed-off. If the parking at the main entrance is full, please use the entrance at Vitsand which holds about 100 parking spaces.

When the construction work is completed at the main entrance, the work begins at Vitsand and the new entrance at Ösjönäs. Re-opening in May 2017.

Welcome to visit Tiveden National Park! We hope you will have a good experience despite of the constructions going on.


Byggnadshyttan in Karlsborg dig for the new builds at the main entrance. Photo: Daniel Gustafson