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Töfsingdalen national park

Hävlingen cabins opens for winter season

The cabins in Hävlingen - the nearest accomodation for Töfsingdalen national park - are open from 22 February until the beginning of May. Here you can ski, pimple after char, trout, pike and perch, or just take it easy. Now you can also book the cabins online through Länsstyrelsen Dalarnas website.

Our cabins along Storån are good alternatives if you want to live comfortably near Töfsingdalen National Park. There are five four-bed cabins and a six-bed cabin, all of which must be booked in advance. Sauna is available, although it can be booked in advance. There is also an unbookable hiking cabin with eight beds.

New for this year is that it is possible to book all Länsstyrelsen's cottages in Dalafjällen online.

Link to the reservation website.

At Hävlingen you can pimple after char, trout, pike and perch. Dala mountain fishing licenses are sold on the web through www.natureit.se, or on site. You go here on skis or by snowmobile from Grövelsjön.

See pictures from Hävlingen and Töfsingdalen at the instagram account Hävlingestugorna.