Tyresta National Park
Skogsbild med stubbar och nedfallna träd i skogen.

About Tyresta National Park

Tyresta National Park and nature reserve is one of the largest untouched sections of forest in Sweden outside of the alpine world. The area has one of the finest primeval forests south of the mountainous region.

A large part of the national park consists of forests in a variegated rift valley landscape. Pines are the predominant tree species up on the rocky ground, and in the more fertile valleys spruce are more prevalent.

Protective buffer zone

Tyresta nature reserve encircles the national park like a protective horseshoe in the south, east and north. In the reserve, too, a coniferous forest predominates, but here there also are many deciduous forest tracts, valuable old cultivated land and a piece of the inner archipelago.

The nature reserve serves as a protective buffer zone for the national park. In the reserve more intensive outdoor life is permitted than in the national park itself.