Tyresta National Park
Enhand håller en bit genomskinlig kvarts i motljus


The village of Tyresta, where the entrance to the national park is located, has been populated since at least the 14th century, when the village’s name appeared in writing for the first time.

The village acquired its current configuration during the 19th century, when some of the farms were moved from the central hill to where they are today.

Traces of antiquity

One of the earliest traces of people is on the mountain north of Stensjön lake, where there are remnants of an ancient castle. From here you get a fantastic view of the lake and the dense forests surrounding it.

Directly across the lake, results of a 1999 forest fire are visible. Archaeological excavations, including some after the major fire, have uncovered traces of several settlements by Stone Age people in the Tyresta area dating back 9,000 to 10,500 years.