Tyresta National Park
Närbild på en stor matta av renlav i skogen.

Plant life

Typical for the Tyresta area are the many bogs and marshes, with characteristic plants such as marsh Labrador tea and sweet gale. You can also rest your eyes on more than 10 lakes and tarns here.

Tyresta’s primeval forest

A unique forest with huge, 400-year-old trees, a mishmash of spruce trees, piles of roots and decaying trunks – this is the Tyresta primeval forest. Despite the fact that it is only a few kilometres from the closest residential area, the primeval forest part of the national park north and east of the village of Tyresta imparts a genuine sense of wilderness.

There are large rocky sections with thick, tall pine trees. The oldest pine encountered in the national park is more than 500 years old!

Towering spruce

In the more fertile rift valleys, an oftentimes dense spruce forest grows, with many trees having tall trunks reaching an imposing height of 30 metres.

Spruce trees do not grow to be as old as pines, but they can be upwards of 250 years old. Here in the valleys it’s darker, and there is a whole different feeling than up on the rocks.