Tyresta National Park
Flack grusväg med tre vandrare. Vitsippor i förgrunden.


Here you can read about the accessibility in Tyresta National Park.

Naturum House of National Parks

In Naturum there is a wheel chair lift, and one of the entrances works well when many people in wheelchairs arrive simultaneously. A wheelchair WC is available.

The exhibit is well adapted for people with vision and/or hearing impairments. The sound sequences give the visitor a feeling for the different types of habitat and a number of carved details of natural objects can be felt with the hands.

The café in Tyresta

The café in the village of Tyresta is housed in an old building. Personnel can bring out a ramp to enable you to make your way down in the café with a wheelchair, power wheelchair or pram.

A wheelchair WC is in the adjacent courtyard and also at the Naturum House of National Parks.

The farm shop in the village of Tyresta

At the farm shop it is easy to make your way to the BBQ site. A small threshold with a ramp leads into the shop. Inside it also is possible to turn a wheelchair.

Rest hostels

There are two rest hostels in the village of Tyresta. At one of them you can bring your dog inside. The rest hostel that allows dogs has a lower threshold and is accessible by wheelchair, but the door is narrow – about 80 cm.

Hiking trails

The Barnvagnsslingan loop (the pram loop - 5 km) can accommodate a wheelchair, power wheelchair or pram. An attendant is needed for a wheelchair at the steeper section of the loop near the village of Tyresta.

A detour from the Barnvagnsslingan loop leads up to the southern tip of Årsjön lake. On the other hand, you cannot go all the way to the BBQ site.