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Tyresta National Park
smörgås dekorerad med prästkragar

Eating & lodging

In Tyresta there is a cafe and a village shop with grilled sausages. Please note that there is no grocery store. Outside the national park, a few lodgings are available for rent.


Tyresta village cafe

Tyresta’s cosy cafe is housed in Dahlgrensgården farm, which dates back to the 1700s. The cafe serves simple lunch dishes such as pies and soups, and lots of good pastries with coffee. Ecological emphasis, and home-baked; vegetarian alternatives available. Enjoy your coffee break outdoors or in the old horse stable. It is also possible to order a picnic basket for a wander in the woods. The cafe is accessible to wheelchairs. To see the menu and opening hours, visit the Tyresta village cafe’s website here.

Village shop

At Tyresta Farm in the village there is also a small village shop where you can buy coffee, other beverages and lovely sausages to grill by yourself on the wood-fired grill just outside. Sausages of lamb and beef from the farm. Vegetarian alternatives and gluten-free sausage rolls also available.

The store also sells raw lamb and beef, lambskins and, when available, eggs from ducks and hens. On the shelves can be found Swedish products, including local and for the most part hand-produced ecological products such as honey, preserves, sweets, juices, skin care products and artistic handicrafts. For contacts and opening hours, click here.




At the entrance to Stensjödal lies Mjölnarbostaden, beautifully situated by Nedre dammen, the lower dam. The building has 30 beds with pillows, but no blankets. There is no electricity, but a gas stove for cooking and kerosene lamps for lighting. Drinking water available in a well just outside. May be hired from Tyresta Forest Foundation during April–October for SEK 1700 per 24-hour day. Booking and questions via e-mail to bokning@tyresta.se

Next to Mjölnarbostaden is a large meadow where large groups can spend the night in the national park. There is no charge to tent there, but groups must book in advance via e-mail to bokning@tyresta.se

Styvnäset cottage

Styvnäset is a crofter’s cottage from the 1700s that lies beside Gränöfjärden inlet, just outside Åvaviken bay. The cottage has nine beds and can be hired by the week or for weekends. It lacks electricity. There is a gas stove for cooking, and drinking water may be fetched from an nearby well. Visitors may get here with their own boats, or walk circa four kilometres from the Fiskfällan entrance. Can be hired from Tyresta Forest Foundation. Booking and questions via e-mail to bokning@tyresta.se

Janssongårdens B&B

In Tyresta village you can hire the old workers’quarters at Janssongården which is now a bed & breakfast hotel. The house has three guest rooms and a common kitchen and bathroom. To book a single bed or the entire house, contact Katarina Warg via telephone 070-671 85 49 or e-mail katarina.warg@tyresta.se

Lilla Tyresö youth hostel

Operated by the Swedish Tourist Association, this youth hostel lies next to Tyresö Castle, a few kilometres outside Tyresta Nature Reserve’s northern section. Charmingly situated with several rooms in a beautiful castle setting. 

For more information, visit Lilla Tyresö’s website here.