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Tyresta National Park
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Tent sites, fire and resting places

In Tyresta National Park it is only permitted to set up tents and light fires at the places that are shown on the map. Groups of 10 or more individuals are referred to Stensjödal.

Tenting in the national park

If you want to spend the night in the national park, you are referred to the wind shelters at lakes Årsjön, Långsjön and Lanan. Tents may be set up for a maximum of 24 hours at all windshelters, and at all fire and resting places close to the fireplaces. All such places are indicated on the map. Tent sites cannot be reserved, and the number is limited. The fire and resting area at Årsjön lake has the most sites (ca. 30) and an outdoor toilet.

Within Tyresta Nature Reserve, which surrounds the national park, Sweden’s right of public access applies. It permits you to tent anywhere for maximum 2 days of your choice, but not to light fires everywhere.

Tenting in Tyresta village

In Tyresta, tenting is allowed in the meadow at the end of the village road. From here you can see beautiful sunsets over the grazing pastures and Tyresta Farm. The meadow is large enough for ca. 40 tent sites, as well as an outdoor sink and toilet.

Groups that want to overnight

Groups of 10 or more individuals that plan to spend the night in the national park are referred to the tenting area at Stensjödal which has a fire and resting place, drinking water and an outdoor toilet. It must be booked in advance per e-mail via bokning@tyresta.se. Other groups may overnight at the same time.


There are fire and resting places at all lakes. It is only there, plus at the fire and resting place next to the village cafe, that lighting fires is permitted. All are shown on the map, and are provided with a supply of firewood by Tyresta’s park rangers. Keep informed of possible fire bans, which are common during the summer.


Drinking water is available at several places in Tyresta village. There are also pumps for drinking water at Stensjödal and Styvnäset, and a natural spring beside Sörmlandsleden trail near the Höjden entrance. It is recommended that you do not drink the water in the lakes. 

Rest cabins

For those who bring their own food and wish to eat it indoors, there are two daytime rest cabins near the cafe in Tyresta village. Dogs are allowed in one of them. Note that it is not allowed to spend the night here.


There are toilet facilities in Tyresta village at the naturum, the cafe, the farm and the tenting area. At the national park’s fire and resting places there are outdoor toilets only at Stensjödal and Årsjön lake.