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Björnlandet National Park

Hiking in Björnlandet

As soon as the road has dried up after the spring thaw, the park is accessible and you can go out hiking.

About the activity

During elk hunting visitors may share the area with elk hunters, but there is plenty of room for hikers as well. Visit some of the hilltops and enjoy the view.

Björnbergsleden trail

From the entrance at Angsjön, a trail winds up along Björnberget and in the old forest. In some places there are information boards about the pine forest and the marshy spruce forest. The distance to the top is about 2.5 kilometres.

Tallskogsslingan loop

After the boardwalks by Angsjön lake, the trail leads up in a really fine old pine forest. A loop circles around for a few kilometres. Here visitors can become familiar with boulder hollows, marshy spruce forest and pines with fire scars.


Spring, Summer and Autumn


If you are going out in the park by the side of the paths, hiking footwear or boots are recommended. In general it’s a good idea to have durable clothing, and if it rains or is wet, a rainsuit comes in handy. During the summer there are lots of mosquitoes. Then a hat and mosquito repellent are suitable accessories.