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Björnlandet National Park

About Björnlandet National Park

Björnlandet is in Åsele Sami country – a magnificent wilderness and one of Sweden’s most valuable primeval forests.

The beautiful old pines, the marshy spruce forests draped with beard lichen and clear traces of past forest fires make Björnlandet both a living, dynamic ecosystem and a biological archive showcasing dramatic sequences of past events.

Björnlandet National Park was formed in 1991 and consists of 1,100 hectares of forest that have been protected as a legacy for posterity. The forests resemble the nature described by Carl von Linné based on his trip to Lapland more than 280 years ago. The forests are composed mostly of old pine trees. They usually are about 180 years old, but trees considerably older than that also are present.

Forest fires have left their mark

The park also has traces of previous forest fires. Throughout the area you will find black, charred stumps and living trees with trunks bearing fire scars from heat generated by forest fires. The latest big fire occurred in 1831, one of the major fire years in the Norrland region. No traces of human habitation have been found in the area, but there are signs of logging and the floating of timber. The park also has been used for reindeer husbandry.

Because of the austere inland climate, relatively few flora species exist here, but with luck you can catch sight of Lapland buttercups, which grow in some untouched marshy spruce forests in the park.

Expansion is currently under way

The National Park is now being expanded, with the inauguration planned for the summer of 2015. Construction of the Häggsjö main entrance at Angsjön lake is under way in the summer and fall of 2014. It involves the addition of 22 kilometres of trails and a forest hut.

We hope visitors will overlook the construction work now in progress. A short distance from the entrance area, the forest is untouched and in as good condition as ever.