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Björnlandet National Park


Keep your eyes and ears open in Björnlandet! There is a good chance of seeing birds such as capercaillies and Siberian jays here.

Now and then flocks of willow tit and crested tit arrive. The great spotted woodpecker is common, and occasionally you will also see black, three-toed and grey-headed woodpeckers.

During the break-up of ice and in early summer, the bird life is especially vibrant on Angsjön lake. If you want to experience mammals, winter is probably the best season.

With a little luck, you can see tracks of red foxes, elk, reindeer, martens and wolverines. The really small mammals flourish among Björnlandet’s boulders and rocks. The grey red-backed vole, wood lemming and Laxmann's shrew are among the less common species.