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Färnebofjärden National Park

Rent a cabin in Färnebofjärden

Updated 20th of April 2020: We have decided to not rent the cabins right now. If we open the booking again, you will find updated information here. Take care!

About the activity

On the shore of Dalälven in Färnebofjärden National Park, there are two red cabins that you can rent during the summer.

You can spend a week here living simply, with nature, the river and wildlife right around the corner.

Both the Stad-Arvid cottage (“Stadarna”) and Torrö cottage are located in the western part of the national park by the Tyttbo area. Stadarna is onshore and the Torrö cabin is on Torrön island, a short rowing trip across the river. Each of the cottages has six beds, and by Stadarna there is a little cabin with an additional two beds. The standards are basic. There is no electricity or drinking water, but you will find plenty of water in the Dalälven river for washing dishes and bathing. You get heat from a wood fire and prepare food on a wood stove. You enjoy your evening reading by candlelight.

Both the Stadarna cottage and the Torrö cottage are rented by the week (Monday to Monday) and cost SEK 2,200 per cottage and week.

For booking inquiries:

For questions contact the Färnebofjärden Naturum visitor centre by telephone at +46 (0)10 – 225 15 16 or email: farnebofjarden@lansstyrelsen.se


The cabins are not for rent right now

Tyttbo area

The standard of both cabins are basic (bring own equipment). You find wood and DC outside the cabin (bring your own toilet paper).


The cabins are not for rent right now.