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Färnebofjärden National Park

Spending the night in or near the park

In the national park there are five basic rest hostels where you may spend one night (as long as space permits).

About the activity

These rest hostels are always open and cannot be reserved. The cabins are very basic, and you can stay there without charge.

The cottage by Kungsgård's färbod has been removed and a new one will be set up in 2021.

Windbreaks and tent sites

There are 11 places where you are allowed to put up a tent and 24 windbreaks in which you can also spend the night (see link below).

Rent lodging close to the park

It is also possible to rent lodging close to the national park:

  • PRO Folk High School (rooms as long as space permits)
  • Gysinge Hostel (rooms)
  • Schwedenpause (camping in Österfärnebo)
  • Östa Camping (cabin, sites for tents, caravans, motorhomes)
  • Hedesunda Camping (cabin, sites for tents, caravans, motorhomes)
  • Hovnäs Bystuga (community house)

There are two cabins that you can book by the week.


All Year


The cabins lack mattresses. We recommend that each person bring along a ground sheet and sleeping bag.