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Fulufjället National Park


Some parts of Fulufjället National Park are suited for the elderly, very young children or for those with some form of disability. Read more about it here, or contact us for more information.

The main entrance is equipped with accessible facilities. Handicap reserved parking exists outside of naturum. To find it, simply drive past the bridge at the entrance and it will be located to your left.

The trail Lavskrikeleden which starts at the naturum visitor centre is accessible to both strollers and wheelchairs. It is 2 kilometres long and is made of gravel and wooden footbridges.

Parts of the trail Njupeskärsleden which takes you to the waterfall are also accessible, with a beautiful view of Njupeskär waterfall from the Njupeskär cabin, though the trail is not accessible all the way to the base of the waterfall.

The first part of the Lavskrikeleden trail to the wind shelter at Gammelfjällsloken is on even terrain. The rest is steeper in some parts, and assistance may be needed here.

Remember that you are on a mountain when you are outside of the accessible part of the national park. The trails and paths ascend and descend, are rocky and when in the forest are comprised of roots and narrower parts. To get to the footbridge on the image above, you have to go down steep stairs of about 70 steps.

Feel free to come talk to us at the naturum visitor centre before going out, to receive more information about the state of the trails, and which may be suited to you.

The trails at all the entrances have signs and markings. There are wooden footbridges over the most humid parts and bridges over the widest streams on the mountain.