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Hamra National Park

Vantage points

About the activity

Vantage point at Svansjön lake

From the Main entrance you can easily make your way up a wide ramp to the vantage point in the old-growth forest that gives you a good view of the lake.

Observation tower by the Swamp entrance

You must go 50 metres via a two-plank footbridge. In the tower you get an excellent view of the swamp landscape.

Burned area

From the Main entrance, go on the Swamp loop for about 1 km. Then you will come to a forest area that burned in 2009, which attracted many new species.

Charcoal stack bottom

Along the long Swamp loop by the Swamp entrance, there is a large, well-preserved bottom of a charcoal stack where charcoal was produced at one time.

Primitive rock pool

After a 10-minute walk from the Svartå river entrance, you come to a footbridge over the river. Here is the Svartå river’s largest pool, which the ice ages have scooped out of the rock.


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