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Pieljekaise National Park


Hike on Kungsleden (the King's Trail).

About the activity

There are two marked trails through Pieljekaise National Park:

  • Kungsleden (the King’s Trail) between Jäckvik and Adolfström (27 kilometres)
  • Jäckvik to Viejenäs, south-east of Kungsleden (22 kilometres)

The area is relatively easy to hike, and the mountain birch forests, with their abundant flora, are well worth experiencing.

Rest hostels

  • Three kilometres from Jäckvik, near the national park boundary, there is an open rest hostel with a stove.
  • Inside the national park, along Kungsleden (the King’s Trail), is Pieljekaise cottage, always open as a rest hostel. The key to the bedroom can be borrowed from shops in Jäckvik and Adolfström.  

Summer and autumn