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Skuleskogen National Park

Getting here

From Skuleskogen National Park, it is about 130 km to Umeå in the north and about 120 km to Sundsvall in the south.

To Stockholm the distance is not quite 500 km. You can get here by bus, train, taxi or car.


South Entrance/Docksta

Line 10 between Örnsköldsvik and Sundsvall stops on request at Skuleberget and the High Coast Naturum visitor centre. You can find the current timetable at County Transit in Västernorrland county (Dintur)

From Naturum you can hike Höga Kustenleden (the High Coast Trail) to the national park’s South Entrance, a distance of about 8 kilometres.

County transit line 100 between Umeå and Sundsvall stops in Docksta about two kilometres south of Naturum. Follow the orange markings for Höga Kustenleden through the community of Docksta and up towards Naturum and Skuleberget.

In Docksta you will find a grocery store, hardware store, petrol station, taxi, holiday village, bed and breakfast and more.

North Entrance/Näske

Local public transport within Örnsköldvik municipality, lines 421 and 422, serves the village of Näske about three kilometres north of the North Entrance. More bus lines also serve the nearby communities of Bjästa and Köpmanholmen. In these communities there also are grocery stores, motels, a hostel and more.


By train from Umeå or Sundsvall, you will reach Örnsköldsvik for transfer to a bus to Docksta (line 100), Skuleberget (line 10) or local buses to Bjästa/Köpmanholmen for further connections to the village of Näske (lines 421 and 422).


In Docksta there are taxis that can help you get to the national park’s entrances.
Docksta taxi, tel +46 (0)70-223 75 44
Höga Kusten taxi, tel +46 (0)613-403 34, +46 (0)70-636 69 19, +46 (0)70-648 05 20, +46 (0)70-310 75 45


West Entrance

Proceed on route E4 between Örnsköldsvik and Härnösand. About five kilometres north of Skuleberget and the High Coast Naturum, there are signs for Skuleskogen National Park, Entré Väst (West Entrance). Follow the signs for three kilometres up to Nylandsruten mountain and the park.

South Entrance

Proceed on route E4 between Örnsköldsvik and Härnösand. Just in front of the High Coast Naturum by Skuleberget mountain’s immense eastern slope, about two kilometres north of Docksta, there are signs. Follow the signs via the villages of Käxed and Käl for the eight kilometres towards Skuleskogen National Park, Entré Syd (South Entrance).

North Entrance

Proceed on route E4 between Örnsköldsvik and Härnösand. In Bjästa, about 25 kilometres south of Örnsköldsvik, turn off the E4 and follow the regular road signs towards Köpmanholmen. At Coop/Konsum in Köpmanholmen, turn right towards the village of Näske and follow the signs towards Skuleskogen National Park, Entré Nord (North Entrance).