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Söderåsen National Park

For the young ones...

About the activity

There are several activities in and around the visitor centre. 

What is hiding in the tree stump?

Put your hand into the sawdust (if you dare) and see what you will find.
If you show your findings at the info desk - there might be a reward...

Crafts - draw, colour

Sit down to do some crafts, colour or draw something and put it up on the wall.

Who lives in the nesting boxes?

To the right of the visitor centre entrance - on the gable - there are several nesting boxes. See if you can figure out which box belongs to which animal.


Around the pond is a quiz where you can learn more and/or test yourself on a specific theme. Changes over the season with the themed exhibition in the visitor centre.

Prince Oscar's nature playground

The prince just coming out from a net-tunnel.
Prins Oscar in the playground. Photo Sara Friberg, Kungliga Hovstaterna

By the visitor centre there is a nature playground with many different activities. You are welcome to try, young or old. Please take care in the slide though.


All Year