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Söderåsen National Park

Hiking and hiking routes

You can experience nature in the national park in many ways, regardless if you are a seasoned hiker or if you are going for your first walk in the park. You can choose to walk on your own or use one of our self-guiding leaflets.

About the activity

Our hiking map is available at our information boards in the national park or in the visitor centre - naturum Söderåsen.

In the visitor centre you will get up to date information about the trails, more details about specific hiking routes or alternative suggestions if you have already tried everything! 

If you want to prepare your trip at home - you can download the hiking map or self guide leaflet from the web site - or we will send them to you if you contact the visitor centre. 


There are different starting points for our hiking routes. If you are in Skäralid, by the visitor centre, you can choose from the following routes:...

gråfärgad sexhörning (Grey) Skärdammen runt walk. Length 900 m, ca 20 min.
Easy walk around the pond with a short stroll into the rift valley. Accessible for wheelchairs and prams 

You will get a short introduction to the national park, to Skäralid and the cultural history of Söderåsen on information signs along the path.


gul hexagon (Yellow) Kopparhattsrundan trail. Length 4 km, ca 90 min.
Relatively easy hiking route but not suitable for prams. The path will take you 2 km into the rift valley, onwards up to the plateau and viewpoint Kopparhatten before coming back to the start point in Skäralid. 
There is a height difference of 90 meters and a 200 step staircase along the path. Moderate slopes going up and down.

Kopparhatten and surrounding area has a history of its own. There used to be a café here, but it closed in 1966.

Kopparhatten is about 1 km from the visitor centre. It is accessible with car and is easily accessible for wheelchairs and prams.

röd hexagon (Red) Liakroksrundan trail. Length 7,2 km, ca 120 min.
Relatively easy hiking route. The whole route is on the mountain plateau where you will walk in a beech forest with meadows and ruins of croft houses.

You can adjust the length of the route by choosing to use a white short cut or walk on old forest roads. 

The start, and end, of the path is at the bottom of a 200 step staircase, but you can choose to start your walk on top of the mountain if you take a car up. There are several options for parking your car and to start your walk. If you start your walk at the top, the hiking route will be suitable for more terrain going prams. There are still some tricky passages. Ask in the information desk for details.

blå hexagon (Blue) Hjortsprångsrundan trail. Length 7,7 km, ca 180 min.

Our longest trail and perhaps hardest. Not suitable for prams. The path will take you 4 km into the rift valley and up on to the south plateau where it will pass the viewpoints Lierna and Hjortsprånget before the descent down to the visitor centre in Skäralid. A part of the route is paved with large stones.
There is a height difference of 90 meters with a steeper climb. 
The upper part of the trail can be walked with a pram, but then you need to find an alternative way up - for example with a car along Serpentinvägen. Ask in the visitor centre for details.

Hjortsprånget (Deer leap) is a special viewpoint that has gotten its name from an old stone age hunting method. 


If you start your hikes in Röstånga you can choose the following...

svart hexagon (Black) Lake Odensjöpromenade. Length 1,2 km one way, ca 20 min.

Easy walk accessible for wheelchairs and prams.  
Starts with a short descent down a slope from the tourist information in Röstånga

The trail takes you through Nackarpdalen valley with meadows, pastures and beech forest. The trail ends at the Odensjö lake. 
Why not go for a swim, if weather is permitting? The lake is a giant spring where all water comes from the bed rock underneath the lake.

lila hexagon (Purple) Nackarpsrundan trail. Length 4,3 km, ca 90 min.

Relatively easy hiking trail that starts with a short descent down a slope from the tourist information in Röstånga. The trail is not suitable for prams.

The path takes you through beech forests, along pastures and meadows and includes a hight difference of 40 meters.

You will have a nice view over the lake Odensjön, and you can if you follow the white short cut get down to the lake itself. 

Nackarpdalen valley and lake Odensjön are popular places to visit for the people of the village Röstånga, and have been for a long time. The lake is popular for baths and fishing. (You need a fishing license which can be bought at Ica in Röstånga)


If you start in Härsnäs, (parking at N 56°1'16,927" E 13°15'55,557"), you can hike in the middle parts of the national park. 

grön hexagon (Green) Härsnäsrundan trail. Length 4,9 km, ca 90 min.

Relatively easy walking through mixed deciduous forest of varied age. You will cross over some streams and stone walls. Large parts of the route are suitable for terrain going prams but there are some tricky passages. Ask at the information desk for details.



orange kvadrat (Orange) Skåneleden trail: Ridge-to-ridge, 13 km, ca 240 min.

A long-distance hiking trail with two sections through the national park, from 
Röstånga in the southeast, via Skäralid (with visitor centre) to Klåveröd in the northwest, with views over lake Odensjön (Röstånga) and Kopparhatten (Skäralid).

You will walk through beech forest in varied terrain, passing croft houses, meadows and places of interest.

You can take a detour to the viewpoint over Ugglerödsdalen valley or look at the remnants from the volcano Rallaté. The volcano was active 110 million years ago, and today all you will see are basalt columns.

If you like, there are also some old tales of the area that might be of interest...

There are bus stops along the southern part of the trail, from Röstånga to Skäralid. You can get on/off at the different stops if you walk down to the main road 13/108.
Bus service 518 between Stehag and Klippan.

Contact visitor centre - naturum Söderåsen: 

When you order a map or self-guiding leaflets - please remember name, address and which leaflets you would like.


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