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Söderåsen National Park

Management and maintenance

The objective is a "natural forest" which is self-sufficient. Perhaps in 200 years.

The management plan for Södereåsen national park describes how the national park should be managed. This includes the buildings, parking areas and rest areas as well as hiking paths and forest areas.

The plan has been ratified by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and it is the County Administrative Board who will carry out the plan.

Nature should be as accessible as possible, but for the purpose of minimizing traffic, noise, and emissions many roads have been closed. All hiking paths, rest areas and facilities for disabled should be kept in good condition.

Cultural remains off different kinds should be preserved and handled with care, including flowering meadows and pastures where cattle are helping with the maintenance. More than 300 ha of spruce forest and old clear-cuts are being restored to deciduous forest by planting and other measures.