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Söderåsen National Park
Närbild på boklöv som precis har spruckigt ut och har en ljusgrön färg. Den blåa himlen lyser mellan de bladfattiga grenarna.

Plant life

In the national park’s rift valleys and deciduous forests, there are unique flora and fauna.

At the bottom and on the sides of the rift valley, we get a notion of what a natural forest can look like. No trees are the same age, and all are growing in different ways.

One of the fascinating things about walking around in the area is the great variation and diversity of the land. The varied environment stems from differences in access to nutrients and different light, moisture and microclimate conditions. The area has a great abundance of mushrooms, mosses, lichens, land snails, insects, marine animals, birds, vascular plants and bats.

Hundreds of these species are considered threatened with extinction and have been placed on the Swedish “red list” of endangered species. The threatened species show that the area harbours the special and unique habitats needed if our natural biodiversity is to survive. But it is also important to preserve the entirety of the deciduous forest with all of its common plants and animals.