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Söderåsen National Park


Here, you will find everything you need to know before your visit to Söderåsen National Park. When it is best to visit, how to get here and the rules you will need to follow once you have arrived in the national park.

Do you prefer comfort or adventure? In Naturum there is a restaurant and WCs with running water; out in the national park, there are BBQ sites and basic camp sites. There is something for everyone. 

Keep the distance - Stay safe.

två personer med bra avstånd från varandra. Mellan dem ett hjärta med pilar som pekar åt två håll. I bakgrunden siluettbilder av ett träd, moln och en fjäril

Follow the Public Health Agency's recommendations also when you are outside. Avoid crowded areas.


Shuttle bus, Saturdays and Sundays between Herrevadskloster - Skäralid - Herrevadskloster

This summer we will make a trial run with a shuttle bus service between Herrevadskloster and Skäralid (National park main entrance).

At times there is quite a lot of visitors and to "off load" the mail car park we offer a free park and ride for our visitors.

If the car park should be full when you arrive you can continue towards Ljungbyhed along road 13. Follow signs towards "naturreservat"  Coordinates 56.0880615, 13.2379020.

While waiting for the bus - please look around, but please respect the private houses and businesses in the area and that the car park is adjacent to private property.

Busses will leave Herrevadskloster on the hour at.
10.00  11.00  12.00  13.00  14.00  15.00  16.00  17.00

Busses will leave Skäralid at the following hours...
10.40  11.40  12.40   13.40  14.40  15.40  16.40  17.40

Take care of each other and nature. Do not litter, take your garbage home.


Fire hazard - the following applies for the national park.

We conform to the Rescue services NW Skåne with regards to fire hazard levels in the national park. If any of the municipalities of Söderåsen (Bjuv, Klippan, Svalöv or Åstorp) indicate a fire ban - the fire ban will also apply for the national park. 
If the level is 4, 5 or 5E - wood, saws and axes will be removed from our rest areas.

Don't leave valuables in your car.

Pleace be adviced that you should make sure to empty your car yourself.
Don't leave valuables in your car.
Pack at home not in the car park.
There has (unfortunately) been thefts.