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Söderåsen National Park
Fem kvinnor och en man samlade runt en eldningsplats.

Rest, eat, sleep

You can either bring your own food or buy at a restaurant when visiting Söderåsen National Park.

BBQ sites, tables and benches

There are BBQ sites at Odensjön in Röstånga as well as at the Liagården and Dahlbergs rest hostels. BBQ grate and wood are available. 

Please note! We follow the Firedepartment NV Skåne for fire hazard levels. When the risk is high (4, 5 or 5E) we will remove axe, saw and wood from all our fire places.

Toilets and water

There are WCs in and by the Söderåsen Naturum in Skäralid, at Kopparhatten, in Nackarpsdalen and at the Liagården and Dahlbergs rest hostels.

Water is available at the Söderåsen Naturum (tap on the wall by the outdoor café) as well as at the Liagården and Dahlbergs rest hostels (weather depending). And at Rårödspågen’s spring (along the nature trail)!

PLEASE NOTE! that during a dry and warm summer the water levels in our wells can sink or even get dry. There should always be water at the visitor centre in Skäralid.
Please bring your own water - just to be sure.

Sleeping accommodations