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Store Mosse National Park

Guided tour: trolls, ghost and other creatures in our nature

Welcome to our guided tour and learn about the supernatural creatures that are said to live in Store Mosse National Park.

About the activity

In today's guided tour, we tell about the nature of the national park and about the supernatural beings that are said to live in the area. We will walk about 1-2 km along forest paths.

Who walks along the old borders? Who is Svänödamen? And why can it be good to have some steel in your shoe?

For adults and also children, recommended from the age of six. Collection outside naturum Store Mosse, the visitor center.

There is a limit on people attending. You can reserv a spot beforehand.
Book at naturum:

The activity is Covid-19 fitted.



30 June 2021 13:00


30 June 2021 14:00

gathering at naturum Store Mosse, the visitor center