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Store Mosse National Park

Internship in the National Park

Students that wish to do practical experiences in the National Park are welcome to do so during the period May - September.

Available internships: ca. 2

Time period: We have only the possibility to accept interns during summer, 1 may – 31 august (the internship can be shorter).

Last application date: December 31st prior to the internship.

Salary: We have no possiblity to give financial compensation but during your internship you have free accomodation.

Work assignments: Your main tasks will be to assist the National Park managers in their daily work. The tasks are very varied and are largely located outdoors. Much of the work is weather dependant and not too often unforeseen events occour thet require action. Examples of taks include repairs of visitor facilities, trails, maintenance of various types of nature and nature restoartion.

Drivers license: B-level is a requirement.

Language: Knowledge of English or German is a requirement.

Accomodation: You live upstairs in the old management house, Kittlakull, which is located in the National Park. the house has previously served as a hostel but is now used mainly for the National Parks staff, trainees and researchers.  

In the house there are several toilets, showers, sauna and TV. On the ground floor there is a fully equipped kitchen which is used jointly by everyone living in the house. There should be order and tidiness in the house and you are responsible for the cleaning and order. Bring  your own linens.

Means of transport: Transport within the park is usually done by car with the care takers, but there is the possibility to borrow a bicycle. For special needs it will be possible to borrow a car. If your own car is used in the service, mileage is paid.

Clothes: Jacket, rainwear and overalls you can borrow here. You also get a cap and a t-shirt. It should be obvious that you are a part of the team when you work in the National Park.

Recommendation: Since you will be able to spend a lot of time on your own, we recommend the applicant to have your own project during the internship period (e.g. thesis work, inventory or similiar). It is important what you do is compatible with the restrictions and regulations which exist in the National Park.