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Tyresta National Park

Tyresta farm - showings and pony riding

At Tyresta Farm you can learn about a traditional small farm with crop growing and native animal breeds such as the north Swedish horse and Swedish red polled cow. Pony riding for children on Sundays, year-round.

About the activity

Tyresta Farm is a small farmstead that grows crops and keeps animals. The animals include cows, sheep, poultry, a few pigs and a north Swedish horse — all of old native breeds.

On the fields grow traditional grain crops and winter fodder for the animals. The farm is operated with the intent of restoring and preserving Tyresta’s traditional landscape of many centuries, with small irregular fields and open grazing land. Biological diversity is benefitted when land is grazed by muzzles and trampled by hooves.

Every time of the year on a farm is delightful in its own way, but the best time to experience Tyresta Farm is during April–May when many lambs come into the world. In the middle of May, most of the cows and sheep are released onto the grazing pastures on the edge of the village, where they remain until the end of October. Some of the sheep graze the pastures near the farm during the summer.

Ducks and the pigs Debbie and Diana live on the farm, and the chickens wander about freely all year.

The farm is free to visit.Monday-Friday 10.00-16.00 and Saturday-Sunday 11.00-16.00.


All Year

Tyresta farm

Pony riding every Sunday 12.00 – 13.30 pm. Price SEK 30. May be cancelled in bad weather. Call Karin for current update: tel. +46/(0)70 – 753 1769