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Tyresta National Park

Fire risk information

Fires are only allowed at the designated areas in the prepared fireplaces.

Can I make a camp fire?

In Tyresta it is never allowed to light camp fires or use a portable grill outside the prepared fire places.  Please be very careful and be sure to put out the fire properly! You can be fined if you violate the fire ban. You can also be convicted if you cause a fire, regardless of whether or not a fire ban is in place.

Prepared fire places are marked on the map and can be find at the following lakes: Bylsjön, Årsjön, Långsjön, Stensjön, Lanan and two at Tyresö-Flaten (Lillsjön and Oppsättra). Prepared fire places are also found in Tyresta by next to the café and entrance Stensjödal. Following Kustleden there are another three fire places; Kokgrytan, Lillströms träsk and Styvnäset.

Firewood is supplied to all fireplaces. A good idea is to bring along a knife, matches and some combustible material with wich to start a fire. In Tyresta it is not allowed to use dead wood or break off twigs and branches. 

Before you make a camp fire you must also check current fire risk information, please call:

  • Phone: +46 8 741 00 10